Mt Blanca-Silent Whispers; Book Two



“I’ll have to get up on the roof and see if I can get through a window and unlock the door from the inside. Hopefully one of the windows is unlocked. They’re all a little hard to open.”

The three of us looked at each other not knowing what to do to help her. None of us wanted to get up on the roof.

The sun was bright and warm. The sky was clear with birds singing in the trees. It was a perfect day for someone to break into her own home.

“I got this, wait,” Margie said as she left to figure out a plan.

I visualized a woman in or near her 60’s climbing a roof, opening a window and crawling in.

Margie came back around with a ladder and carried it to a level spot to climb up on the roof.

We stood below her looking up, fearing for her safety. I was hoping we were ready to catch her if she fell.

Maybe, I should hold up my arms just in case? I wonder if I could catch her? Maybe?

I instantly envisioned a picture of me trying to catch an average-sized woman falling from a roof and the both of us falling and rolling.

She walked across the roof that was not too steep but made me fear for her safety nonetheless.

“This one is locked,” she said as she walked to another window.

“This one is locked too…”

 This isn’t looking good for us.

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