Bradshaw Ranch-Day 2

After seeing the first pictures from day one, we were excited to go back and take more pictures and also see if there more activity in the area.

After walking around an area in the vicinity (not on the ranch), Tina pointed out one particular tree looked interesting. I didn’t see anything, initially, but took the picture and we moved on.

A bit later, while in the car, I examined the picture by zooming in and gasped. Unfortunately, my gasp frightened Andrea (who was backing out the car) and she slammed on her breaks.

I didn’t know what it was, certainly not human. Not really extraterrestrial either.

Below is the picture I took and the ‘being’ I see in the picture. One of the previous owners said, many years ago, there was a portal or vortex on the land. The ranch was 140 acres.


This next picture is the same tree about an hour later. It looks very different.


3 thoughts on “Bradshaw Ranch-Day 2

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  2. The very bottom photograph shows a bearded dead guy, as if he’s sprawled out on branches catching some rays. You must’ve been on a cemetery.


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