What Is Silent Whispering?

I define Silent Whispering as words coming from non-physicals. Not just any nonphysicals, these ones are ghosts or deceased people who have not moved on. They have not moved beyond their belief realm and struggle to move past their trauma and pain.

Many assume that when we physically die, we simply stop existing or we heal all our pain from the life that was lived. This is not true. While it is true that ones can, and many times do, move into the light after physical death, it is not to assume it always happens. We live in a very haunted environment. This is because many perceive they cannot or will not move past their pain.

Silent Whispers will share the stories from those who have not moved on from their tortured experience. Human torture and human experiments are very real. The torture and experiments created a trauma that, for many, seem too daunting to heal and so they remain around us.

They deserve to have their stories told.


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