Utah Mine Collapse 1924 Ghosts

Part One

They Lied!

In certain locations in the United States, coal mining was very common. For many this was the backbone of the town, the community. Most were aware it was a dangerous and unhealthy occupation, but an income was an income – regardless of how it was attained.

One can read the various stories of mining accidents and deaths, which is always tragic. It’s especially tragic when we hear of an accident that claimed many lives at once. One such incident occurred near Helper, Utah (also Castle Gate – now dismantled). Like many areas, this town and its surrounding areas relied on mining for income, a way of life. Even if it meant a premature death.

In 1924 a coal mine collapsed, caused by an explosion. The official report was that 171 young (youngest age 15) and older men (oldest age 73) were inside and all perished. The leader of the rescue crew also died while trying to help the men. The miners left behind wives and children. One article stated that due to an economic down-turn, the company had laid off most single men – which meant most of the deceased men left behind a wife and/or children. The death compensation was $16 per week for six years, totaling approximately $5,000.

What happens when there is a mass death? Almost all mass deaths will be traumatic. I have learned and witnessed that what one carries at the time of death, they take with them into the nonphysical realm. This means if one carries anger at the time of death, they still carry anger after physical death. Anger is an energy (such as joy, fear, passion, etc.). Energy is not destroyed, it’s transferred. When the physical body is destroyed, its energy transfers to the other bodies (emotional and mental bodies, to keep it simple).

In this case, the energy involved was anger and trauma. What happens to that anger and trauma? It does not simply dissolve…it resides within consciousness, which includes the mental and emotional bodies. When one experiences a traumatic death, they typically hold the trauma (and fear/anger) in their consciousness after physical death. This, for many, creates an interference in seeing their guides and others who can assist them to cross over. Because time is different in different realms, for us the mining collapse was almost 100 years ago. For them, it had just recently occurred.

When a mass traumatic death occurs, it can create a haunting of sorts. One may think of the movie The Poltergeist. But it’s not the same as that. It’s more like many nonphysical (or spirits) walking around confused, sad, angry and seemingly stuck in their illusion. They may want assistance but do not even know where to begin in receiving it. Where are their guides?

Their guides are right there to assist if only the traumatized person could see their presence. When this illusion, of being stuck, is present it helps to go to their location and assist them. Because their consciousness is closely connected to their physical trauma, they seem to be able to see physical people much easier than seeing their guides. That’s where I (or anyone) can come in and assist.

They can see physical people (typically). They may even try to speak to us, touch us. We may walk right through them. They may yell at us, trying to get our attention. And if we’re not paying attention, we just keep walking unaware. Sometimes they follow us home. One of the ‘perks’ of helping people cross over…they follow you home.

Jaylene, Barbara and Dennis live in the area near the mining collapse. They asked me to go to the location and assist the remaining deceased/spirits to cross over. We all went together and joining us was my husband, Robert.

Through their research, they already knew the general location where they might (or might not) be. As soon as we pulled up to the road, blocked with a low chain, I knew it was the right location. Sitting in the back seat of Dennis’ truck, I already knew. This was the place to be right now.

Moments after stepping over the chain and walking up the dirt path, I saw a young man who told me he was age 25. He was average height and was wearing clothing covered in coal dust, a helmet with a light, and he had dust on his face.

“They told us it was safe, they lied. The man – two men who checked it before. I heard you saying, they said you were coming. You were coming to help, you were coming. They keep repeating everything, and I’m tired of repeating. My wife, my wife was 23. I had just a little three-year-old. Just a baby. There was a brother. Would be a brother. But I never saw. I never got the chance to see. They lied!! They told us to keep going, keep going or they wouldn’t pay. What was I supposed to do? I own nothing. I have a baby, my family. They just told us to keep going. They didn’t care. They deserve to burn in hell. Because that’s where I’ve been. Stuck here. The whole point was worthless. Keep working, keep working. You know you’ll die young. You know the expectancy is 40 but at least I could see my kid grow up. I could laugh with my kid. Even if I got back late. I could see my kid. Some of the wives left. Some of them left because they couldn’t handle it anymore. The long shifts. The dust. Not just here – everywhere. They couldn’t take it. And the uppity wives. The uppity ladies. They would pretend they were better. My wife stuck with me. Some of the others, they left. They couldn’t hold up anymore. This is what makes me sad. I didn’t get to see my boy. I knew it would be boy. Because I already had a girl, you see? So, I knew it would be a boy. I just knew. She died. Someone told me she died. I went looking for her. But I came back here. She died. She couldn’t handle the birth. The head was too big. And now I’m stuck here. So, what you got? What you got that can make a difference? I lost my wife, my kids, my home. All for a man who told me to keep working. It wasn’t worth it.”

“At this point he said what he wants to say. Now we simply need to offer him love so he knows he can cross over.”

“Can he see and hear us or just you?” Jaylene asked.

“He said he can see us all, but you’re all dressed weird.”

Dennis laughed.

“So, can I talk to him?”

“Yes, he can hear all of us.”

“I want you to know that I care. And I love you. I want you to know that with all my heart. We came here to assist you to cross over. So, you don’t have to keep living in pain every day. Please listen to Tami. She can help you. I care about you and I would never do anything to hurt you. I’m here to assist,” Jaylene said.

“But that’s the thing! I can’t see my son. My daughter. My wife. All I see is you. So, is that going to change?!”

“If you allow Tami to help you, she can help you see all of them again. I promise you!”

“That’s what they told me too. At least I can try.”

“Please trust us.”

“At least I can hope my daughter will be there and I can hear her laugh. I know my wife died from grief.”

His name is Malcolm.

“I will try because at least I’ll know I tried.”

Someone is assisting him to cross over now.

Stay tuned to for part two!

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