New Review on Silent Whispers Book One

Latest review on Silent Whispers; What One Thinks is Crazy, Another Knows is True

Silent Whispers is essentially a journal, a straightforward account, in a clear and unassuming style of writing. It is an account of a small group of friends going on trips to explore something together.

No, it is not a teenagers’ adventure book and the adventure is about anything but child’s play. It is the story’s subject that fascinates. I simply could not put the book down.

“What one thinks is crazy, another knows is true” is the subtitle. Yes, one could dismiss the experiences described and, indeed, the writer herself, as simply crazy. Another, may just lay back and enjoy what they believe to be science fiction. In my case, I choose to follow what my gut “knows to be true”. I have long sensed that this universe is far more complex and multi-layered than what meets the eye; that extraterrestrials, as well as different life-forms most of us are not aware of, may exist on this planet; also, that our energy, in some form, continues on beyond what we name “death”. And I have also wondered whether governments, as well as other forces, pursue projects hidden from the population at large and/or keep vital information secret.

My intuitive conclusion that the writer is sane indeed and that what she sees and senses is quite real, intensified my fascination as I read on. I reached the end of the book with a mixture of feelings: Considering the loveless forces of control arrayed against her, I could only admire her for her courage, standing firm and refusing to allow them any power whatsoever over her. I experienced profound respect for her desire to assist tortured souls and for her commitment as well, firmly standing by them and encouraging them to move on into the light. At the same time, I experienced disquiet within myself, as I was challenged to reflect on what I personally can do to assist ones who desire to move out of psychic bondage and into freedom. 

This is also what I consider a vital service given by the author through this book. For those who are open to it, she awakens in us the desire to find our own individual way of assisting others.

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