What Happened to Nellie?


The UEF supported assisting children and teenagers. Many teenagers visited the property to receive mental and emotional guidance in nature’s beauty. I’d been told they even saw one or more UFOs there.

What I found intriguing was the story behind the UEF property and its previous owner, now deceased. A story my father told us again right before this trip.


We had arranged, with the board and friends of the board, a working picnic to clean up the property. After the UEF bought the building and property, there were many leftover boxes and trash to go through before we could have kids up there. I was cleaning up in part of the building and I noticed a journal. I started reading through it and it was full of symbols and communication that Nellie Lewis, the previous owner, had written.

You know, her story was in the paper back in the 1960s. Her horse was mutilated, but not by an animal or a person. The way it was mutilated was very strange and disturbing. You can look it up online. Anyway, she took it to the papers convinced it was extraterrestrials that had killed the horse.

There were other stories where cattle had been mysteriously mutilated, so they printed an article on her horse. In her journal, she documented communication with some female extraterrestrials who gave her information and symbols that looked like a map or star system.”

            We all waited in anticipation of what happened to Nellie.

            “So, during the working picnic, I only had a chance to quickly look through the journal and I was going to go back to it. I set it down for a moment. A man came to the door and said he knew and named one of the board members and he wanted to help clean up. What made it really odd is that he wasn’t dressed in clothing you’d wear to clean up trash. He was dressed in office clothing….”

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