The Female Ones

book 2 cover

I listened carefully and repeated everything out loud (to Tina and Andrea).

“Love all that is inside self, for it is the love that creates and manifests change—that manifests what the heart desires beyond the intellect of the mind. Love here can conquer all but within self. Many carry a perception of love, one that is quite false. But it is love that you offer to the others that you seek and find.”

After a brief pause, they continued, “Be not discouraged in what you see, what you experience presuming it should be something different or more. Because the love spreads throughout, beyond what you physically experience and remember. It is love here that you are teaching, the possibility of it, the acceptance of it, and the joy of it. Starting with self, the embracement of self to allow others to seek your guidance and to share. For this will not end from a simple trip. All the trips created ripples.”

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